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EMSELLA revolutionizes incontinence care with its groundbreaking, non-invasive technology, promising a new era in intimate health and wellness. By harnessing HIFEM energy, it triggers profound pelvic-floor contractions, empowering those with incontinence to reclaim their confidence. This method not only stimulates the entire pelvic floor for enhanced neuromuscular control but also delivers thousands of supramaximal contractions per session, crucial for muscle re-education and boosting intimate well-bein


Emsella™ Chair's Pelvic Floor Muscle Training

The Emsella™ chair simplifies pelvic floor muscle strengthening, offering the equivalent of a 3-month gym regimen in just a 30-minute sitting session. This can drastically improve incontinence issues.


Advanced Technology for Effective Treatment

Utilizing high-intensity focused electromagnetic technology, the Emsella™ chair stimulates the pelvic floor muscles, crucial for continence, and is FDA approved for treating urinary incontinence.



Unmatched Efficiency in Pelvic Training

In just 30 minutes, the Emsella™ chair induces approximately 11,000 Kegel-like contractions, surpassing what even the most diligent Kegel exercises can achieve, offering a potent workout for pelvic floor muscles.


Accessible and Convenient Treatment Option

With no downtime, the non-invasive Emsella™ treatment allows patients to remain fully clothed during sessions, making it a practical choice for those seeking an effective solution to incontinence without the hassle of traditional treatments.

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Seeing is believing

Ultrasound visuals of the pelvic floor demonstrate variations in muscle bulk and firmness following the Emsella treatment. Outcomes and individual experiences can differ.


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