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Fotona Erbium YAG Laser Treatments

Discover the transformative power of the Fotona Erbium YAG laser at Central Florida UroGynecology, your destination for the latest in minimally invasive vaginal rejuvenation. With groundbreaking laser technology, we offer a suite of treatments designed to address a range of concerns from vaginal looseness and atrophy to stress urinary incontinence (SUI) and pelvic organ prolapse. Experience the benefits of non-surgical, no-downtime procedures that harness your body's natural tissue for stronger, revitalized results. Join the ranks of our numerous satisfied clients and embrace a new era of confidence and comfort, all while avoiding the inconvenience and recovery associated with traditional surgical options.

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Innovative Rejuvenation and Restoration

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Comprehensive Treatment Options

With a focus on minimally invasive techniques, treatments like Incontilase™ for SUI, Renovalase™ for vaginal atrophy, and Intimalase™ for vaginal relaxation, provide effective solutions without the need for surgery or downtime. These procedures offer a non-painful, in-office experience that's both affordable and efficient, allowing immediate return to daily activities.

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Clinically Proven and FDA Approved

The Fotona laser is FDA approved and has been validated through extensive clinical research and experience, ensuring both safety and efficacy. Offering some treatments that are considered experimental, the laser provides stunning results in vaginal wall and pelvic tissue strengthening, backed by a wealth of satisfied patient testimonials.


Expertise and Experience at Central Florida UroGynecology

Led by Dr. Marja Sprock, an expert trained under pioneers of the Erbium laser technology, Central Florida UroGynecology stands out as one of the most experienced clinics in the United States for vaginal laser treatments. Patients from across the country seek out our services for our proven track record of success in addressing a wide range of vaginal health concerns.


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