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Embrace the Future of Aesthetics with Our Revolutionary All-Natural Filler FDA-approved filler

For those who have used fillers in the past but were dissatisfied with their artificial feel, or for those who have avoided them due to concerns about natural appearance, your moment has arrived. Our clinic offers an all-natural, FDA-approved filler derived from your platelet growth factors. Cellenis Dermafiller adds volume and stimulates your body's natural collagen, fibrin, and elastin production, enhancing lift and skin texture while improving elasticity.

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Unlike traditional treatments that reinject platelet-rich plasma (PRP), we draw your blood to separate PRP and PPP (platelet-poor plasma), removing red and white blood cells. Through an innovative technique, we denature and restructure the proteins in the PPP to create a gel-like substance that is easy to inject. This more densely organized yet autologous substance carries minimal risk of allergic reactions, effectively volumizes, and optimally supports your skin and soft tissue for months.

Discover the REVOLUTIONARY all-natural filler: increase volume, achieve a lifting effect, improve texture, and enhance elasticity, all while maintaining a natural and rejuvenated appearance.

Cellenis Dermafiller feels natural and integrates seamlessly, unlike the uncomfortable sensation of "cement" some filters leave behind. If your goal is natural skin support, your search ends here. This PRP-based filler offers immediate volume and promotes long-term dermal health. Depending on the tube's volume, it can provide approximately 6 ml or 12 ml of filler, allowing for versatile applications such as smoothing marionette lines, enhancing cheek volume, or addressing lines above the lips. With such a generous amount of filler, you're not limited in your choices.

Join our many satisfied customers who have embraced natural skincare solutions, including this exceptional filler.

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