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Emsella Electromagnetic Pelvic Floor Strengthening Chair

The Emsella™ chair revolutionizes pelvic floor muscle training, offering the equivalent of a 3-month daily gym workout in just 30 minutes of sitting. It's an opportunity too good to pass up, and I'd certainly take it.

Available at Central Florida UroGynecology in Rockledge, this innovative treatment utilizes high-intensity focused electromagnetic technology to stimulate the pelvic floor muscles, which are crucial for continence. The Emsella™ chair is FDA-approved specifically for treating urinary incontinence. While we make no other claims, it's well-understood that strong pelvic floor muscles contribute to both urinary and fecal continence, as well as the enhancement of sexual pleasure.

In a 30-minute session, the Emsella™ chair can induce approximately 11,000 Kegel-type contractions, surpassing what even Kegel champions can achieve.

Emsella Machine: The Emsella™ chair provides a rigorous pelvic floor muscle workout using electromagnetic technology. The process is simple: stay entirely clothed, sit on the chair, and address incontinence with this cutting-edge technology. There's no downtime, and the treatment is performed with your clothes on. Unlike our pelvic floor biofeedback training, the Emsella™ chair treatment is not covered by insurance.

We're committed to continuing our insurance-covered pelvic floor training, but we acknowledge the unique capability of the Emsella™ chair to perform 11,000 contractions in just 30 minutes.

No consultation is needed to begin with the Emsella™, allowing you to sign up for 6 sessions or opt for a low-priced trial session to experience its benefits firsthand.

Take it from Diane T., a 53-year-old who struggled with incontinence during her tennis serves. Skeptical at first, Diane's trial session with the Emsella™ chair made her a believer in its efficacy.

Emsella™ at a Glance:

  • Utilizes electromagnetic technology

  • Offers a high-intensity workout for pelvic muscles while fully clothed

  • Recommended treatment consists of 6 sessions

  • No prior consultation is required

Embrace the future of incontinence treatment and pelvic floor strengthening with the Emsella™ chair, and join the ranks of satisfied individuals who've regained confidence and control.

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